Our Story

In 2017, our team was presented with an opportunity to acquire and operate a fully functioning mobile dental vehicle that was being used in another city to provide free dental services for the under-served. As we saw many members of our Southern Indiana community being prevented from receiving much needed dental care because of lack of dental insurance and other life situations, we thought… what if we offered this same free dental care to OUR community?

Thus, began the work of gathering community leaders and organizations to partner in the endeavor. Once the vision was cast, we received tremendous support.

In January 2019, the mobile unit was delivered, and plans began to take shape to launch the first clinic in June 2019. Local dentists have been instrumental in helping us to acquire needed licensing, permits, inspections, dental equipment and supplies.

Since June of 2019, we have had tremendous outcomes serving communities of Clark, Floyd, and Harrison County.

We are grateful to all who have worked tirelessly to partner with us through grants, professional services, and coordination of sites for our mobile unit to set up and serve those around us.

Our desire is to continue to expand the program to enable us to serve more residents at more locations. However, in order to do so, we still need:

  • Local dentists who will volunteer their professional service.
  • Financial partners of all levels of sponsorship to cover the cost to run the mobile unit.
  • More clinic sites.

This will enable the Mobile Dental Clinic to continue to provide FREE, easily accessible dental care for our Southern Indiana residents in need. By continuing the service of the mobile clinic, we help eliminate obstacles that prevent those in need from getting proper and, often, emergency dental care.