Our Mission

To put smiles on the less-fortunate in our community.

To operate the Mobile Dental Clinic to provide FREE, easily accessible dental care for under-served individuals in Southern Indiana.

Our purpose is to serve people where they live, the Mobile Dental Clinic eliminates the obstacles that prevent many community members from getting proper and, often times, emergency dental care. We want to bring smiles to those in our community who have the need.

Our Need

Community Partners that will provide a site location for the Mobile Dental Clinic to park for clinic services.

  • Churches
  • Community Service Organizations

Community Partners that will financially support the program.

  • Grants
  • Donations in kind

Our Service Areas

Southern Indiana Counties

  • Clark
  • Floyd
  • Harrison

Our Clients

Adult patients without insurance who live in the service areas.

  • Note: We cannot provide services for children under the age of 19. (State provides health care/dental for this age group) and our Mobile Dental vehicle is not equipped for children/teens.

Our Services

  • Digital X-Rays
  • Extractions
  • Fillings
  • Oral Hygiene Education

Our Schedule

It is our goal to go to all corners of the Southern Indiana counties.

  • Days of Operation: Tentative – Wednesdays and Fridays (additional days as program expands with needs)
  • Patient schedule: 10-12 patients per clinic day

Our Requests

Your Organization to provide the following.

  • Host site for Mobile Dental Clinic visits (could be weekly, monthly, quarterly… depending on community need)
  • Promote the event dates to area residents
  • Personnel and/or Volunteers to serve
    • Schedule patient appointments
    • Greet and process patients on day of clinic
    • Coordinate with Mobile Dental Clinic Program Coordinator on days of clinic

Our Commitment

We provide support to our partners at all levels of the program.

  • Training for partner personnel and/or volunteers
  • Promotional materials for advertising the clinic days at partnership sites
  • Forms necessary for registering patients, gathering personal and medical information for services
  • On-site coordination and support on day of clinics