Bringing quality,
no-cost dental care to the under-served communities of Southern Indiana.

The Need

We all know that basic dental care is essential for oral health and wellness, but did you know that it’s unavailable for many people in our community? Approximately 10.3%* of Southern Indiana residents live below the poverty line and often don’t have access to dental care. Therefore, low-income and non-working residents struggle to take care of their basic dental needs.

These individuals are battling the barriers of complex insurance situations, financial shortcomings, and transportation issues. Even worse, a lack of good oral hygiene and clean teeth can cause major roadblocks to a healthy lifestyle, and employment.

The mobile dental clinic proudly provides accessible dental care, and our ultimate goal through providing this service, is to bring more smiles to the local community.

* US Bureau of Economics;

Services Offered

  • Digital X-Rays
  • Extractions (pulling decayed tooth/teeth)
  • Oral Hygiene Education
  • Fillings

Inside the MDC

Cordova TN Bellevue floor plan

"Our mission is to put smiles on the under-served residents of our Southern Indiana communities ages 19 and older."

How You Can Help

Medical Volunteers

Working with our Miles of Smiles staff, we are in need of Dentists and Dental Assistants to provide services for patients.

Host Site Partners

Opportunities are available for non-profit sponsors to provide host sites for the mobile clinic visits. Host sites assist us in coordinating and pre-qualifying patients prior to their clinic visit.

Training is provided for Host Site personnel/volunteers.

Financial Partners

We need assistance to cover expenses to operate the mobile dental clinic. Your donation goes to fund dental supplies, fuel for transportation and general operating costs.

Become a financial partner through grants, corporate sponsorship and individual donations. To make a tax deductible donation, click here.

NOTE:  All donations are coordinated through a partnership with Graceland Baptist Church.

If you have any questions or would like to be a medical volunteer, host site, or a financial sponsor please let us know by filling out the form linked below.

Donna Sherrard – Mobile Dental Unit Coordinator

(812) 944-6448

Our Partners